As we celebrate Baisakhi

each year at the Los Angeles Convention Center, commemorate an event in our Sikh history or celebrate the Anand Karaj of couples, I have been blessed to adorn the Guru with beauty and splendor.


here are




June wedding at Guru Ram Das Ashram

G U R D W A R A   D E S I G N

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Flower Arrangements

Baisakhi 2005 Celebration with

80’ flower petal design

Baisakhi 1988 Celebration with 3 painted murals as backdrop

Yogi Bhajan Memorial, 2004

Espanola, New Mexico

Baisakhi 1994, domed gazebo

for Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Opening of Phoenix Gurdwara 

with sheers draped in archways

Baisakhi Gurdwara 2009 with

pale pink canopy over walkway

Designing flower display with 10,000 carnation heads at Memorial

Baisakhi 2006 Celebration with 40‘ painted Golden Temple mural and California Poppies

Hacienda de Guru Ram Das decorated for

Guru Ram Das morning celebration

Fresh baby’s breath decorate

Guru Ram Das Ashram, LA

Guru Gaddi Guruperb with hanging

satin ornaments to match ramalas

Draped sheer fabric from Portugal

with full marigold garlands

Wedding with embroidered brocade,

hydrangeas and antique roses

Multi colored ribbons hang above
Guru and along marble walls

Outdoor Malibu wedding with peacock colored fabric draped inside tent

Celebration with hanging glass crystals and white lights

Pedestal floral arrangements in Virginia wedding Gurdwara

Click here to see Gurdwara design

at Rubin Museum

in New York

Click here to see Guru’s stage design in Amritsar, India

Decorated Siri Guru Granth Sahib

and Panj Piare

2010 Baisakhi Gurdwara in Los Angeles featuring hanging gold tinsel garlands and white mini lights

in Los Angeles

A car full of flowers!

Sat Bachan and I working with flowers

In front of a bed of roses